Device replacement LOCON 1 & 2

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Depending on the version, LOCON 1 and LOCON 2 can be replaced by a corresponding LOCON 16 or LOCON 17. In order to ensure a proper and fast replacement, we would need the following information and components:

  1. The serial-no. or the article-no.(Vxxxx) of the old device has to be known in order to offer a corresponding new device.
  2. If a TERM 6 or a TERM 24 is already under use, we have to know the serial-no. of this device in order to check the compatibilty with the new device.
  3. For the configuration and programming of the new device with WINLOC 32-Basic-or Comfortversion would be needed a corresponding programming cable. Note: It has to be checked in every single case if this programming cable may be used also for a needed reading out of the old device.
  4. For programming of the new device with WINLOC 32-Basic-or-comfort Version, the PC is in need of a real COM-Port. If there exists no more real COM-Port at the PC, then a USB-to-RS232 converter has to be used.
  5. For front panel installation: The cam controls LOCON 16 ad LOCON 17 have smaller dimensions, maybe an adapter plate has to be mounted.

For a corresponding offer please let us know the serial-no. or the article-no. (Vxxxx) of the old device and, in case, the serial-no. of an already used TERM 6 resp. TERM 24.