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ROTARNOCK 1-PB und ROTARNOCK 2-PB can be replaced by ROTARNOCK 100-PB . As an 1:1 exchange is not possible, the following points have to be noted:

Device Configuration

The configuration has to be done with our software WINLOC 32-Basis-or Comfortversion. Herefore is needed a corresponding Programming cable. Note: Whether the programming cable can also be used for a necessary read-out of the old device has to be tested in each case! Attention: For the configuration, the PC is in need of a real COM-Port. If there is no real COM-Port at the PC, then a USB-to-RS232 converter has to be used.

  • Virtual encoder resolution: If the cam values of the existing electronic cam control should be reused in the new data block, the virtual encoder resolution must be changed to the value of the existing electronic cam control.
  • Type of idle time compensation: If the idle times of the existing electronic cam control should be reused in the new data block, then the type of idle time (Bitwise; Blockwise; ...) has to be set accordingly.
  • PROFIBUS-Slave-ID: The desired PROFIBUS-Slave-ID has to be set via WINLOC 32 software, if this if this is not to be assigned via the PROFIBUS master. The PROFIBUS-Slave-ID is set to 126 at delivery state.
  • Operation modes: In conjunction with a PROFIBUS-Master this must be set to S7-mode. This S7-mode is already set at delivery state.
  • Logic function: If the logic function is used in the old device then this function has to be unlocked for ROTARNOCK 100-PB. Therefore a chargeable release code is needed. Attention: This release code is bounded to the serial-no. and can not be used for other cam controls.

SPS Projekt

  • GSD-Datei: Um das ROTARNOCK 100-PB in das Projekt einbinden zu können, muss die GSD-Datei (R100.GSD) in die Steuerung geladen werden.
  • AWL-Datei: Die im Projekt befindliche AWL-Datei, die im Datenbaustein abgebildet wird, muss durch eine für ROTARNOCK 100-PB passende AWL-Datei ersetzt werden. Dazu muss der Datenbausteingenerator2 verwendet werden.