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ENS belongs to the first series of electronic cam control built by Deutschmann Automation. These devices are no longer supported, a repair is not possible anymore.

Device Replacement

ENS can be replaced by a corresponding LOCON 17 or by a corresponding LOCON 24 or by a corresponding LOCON 200 with a corresponding number of extension module LOCON 100-Out I/O32.It is highly recommended to also replace the used encoder. The choice of the replacement is depending on the number of needed outputs. In order to ensure a proper and fast replacement and programming of the new device, we need the following information and components:

  1. All the data listed on the type label has to be known in order to be able to offer a corresponding new device. For the use of a new cam control without control panel ( LOCON 17-PM oder LOCON 24-PM or LOCON 200, a TERM 6 or TERM 24 or WINLOC 32-Basic-or-Comfort-Version is needed for operation.
  2. If a new configuration is required, then the unit has to replaced by TERM 6 or WINLOC 32-Basic-or-Comfort Version.
  3. For the configuration and programming of the new device with WINLOC32-Basic-or-comfort Version a corresponding Programming cable is needed.
  4. For the configuration and programming with WINLOC 32-Basic-or-comfort Version, the PC needs a real COM-Port. If there is no real COM-Port at the PC,then a USB-to-RS232 converter has to be used.

For a corresponding offer please let us know all the data listed on the type label.

Replacement by LOCON 200

Note: If "External Programm Selection" as well as "Programm Start", "Programm Enable" and "Run Control" is used, then would be needed at LOCON 200 up to 9 I/Os. If an absolute parallel encoder is configured, then there will be not enough I/O's at the LOCON 200 in order to realise all the before mentioned functions! If these functions are needed, then please replace the absolute parallel encoder by a SSI-Encoder!