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LOCON 64PM, LOCON 64 and LOCON 64 Version IP65 (optional)

Devices with control panel

The operating of LOCON 64 can be done via the comfortable operating front or via WINLOC 32 software.

Devices without control panel

The operating of LOCON 64-PM can be done via TERM 6 or via TERM 24 or WINLOC 32 software.

Device Replacement

Depending on its version, LOCON 64 (-PM) can be replaced by LOCON 200 with a corresponding number of extension modules LOCON 200-Out I/O8. All the required information you may find under the following link: Device Replacement LOCON 24/48/64. Note for replacement by LOCON 200: If "External Programm Selection" as well as "Programm Start", "Programm Enable" and "Run Control" is used, then would be needed at LOCON 200 up to 9 I/Os. If an absolute parallel encoder is configured, then there will be not enough I/O's at the LOCON 200 in order to realise all the before mentioned functions! If these functions are needed, then please replace the absolute parallel encoder by a SSI-Encoder!


Manual for LOCON 64 (PDF-file)