Operating TERM 24, LOCON 24, LOCON 48, LOCON 64

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LOCON 24, LOCON 48 und LOCON 64 cam controls equipped with a control panel can be used as an operating unit as TERM 24.


Please find hereafter an example how to program by using the comfortable control panel in program 1, output 1 a cam from 100 to 200.


  1. By using the keys Up und Down you can go from the main menu to the menu item Programming. By pressing Enter the programming is opened.
  2. Please select now the wanted program. (P) (e.g. Program 1) and confirm by pressing Enter.
  3. By using the arrow key Right you can edit the wanted output (A) (e.g. output 1) and confirm by Enter.
  4. If the used cam control is configured correspondingly, then an idle time can be set now. If no idle time should be programmed then the actual value (T000) has to be confirmed by Enter.
  5. Now the switch-on point ʃ (symbol rising edge) can be programmed. (e.g. 100). This is accepted by pressing Enter.
  6. Now can be set the switch-off point ʅ (Symbol falling edge) (e.g. 200). Please also confirm by Enter, now the programming is done.
  7. Now you can control with the arrow keys Up and Down, which cams are already programmed for that output.
  8. By pressing several times Esc you can return to the main menu.


Zero-point offset

Example: Your plant is mechanically already in position 0. The new encoder is only to be set in the same postion with a lot of work and effort. Via the comfortable control panel the zero-point offset maybe handled in an easy way in a few steps without positioning the encoder with an effort. Please find here a desciption how to programm the zero-point offset:


  1. By using the key arrows Up and Down you can choose from the main menu the menu item Initialisation. Accept the menu item with key Enter .
  2. In order to change the actual encoder position (e.g. 315) to position 0 , you have to enter the actual encoder position into the parameter Zero Point (e.g. 315) and is accepted by pressing key Enter.
  3. By pressing the key Esc you will leave the menu item Initialisation and the zero-point offset is programmed into the cam control.
  4. The actual encoder position is now 0.


By factory setting all cam controls are set to a clockwise direction of rotation. Please find here a description how to programm a reversal.

  1. By using the arrow keys Up and Down you can go fromm the main menu to the menu item Initialisation. It is openend by pressing Enter.
  2. With the arrow key Right you can now choose, among others, the Parameter Reversal. The Display now shows Rot. of Enc: 0.
  3. Now the direction of rotation maybe changed via the keypad from 0 = clockwise into 1 = anticlockwise, this is confirmed by pressing Enter.
  4. By pressing Esc you can return to the main menu and the reversal is now accepted by the cam control.


available interfaces LOCON 24, LOCON 48 und LOCON 64 The devices have on board a RS232 and a RS485 (DICNET) interface. The standard factory setting is always the RS485 (DICNET) interface. You can change this interface manually. At the bottom side of the device is a sticker with the imprint Interface on it. Under this label there is a microswitch to switch over the Interface.
available interface TERM 24 TERM 24 has on board either a RS232 interface or a RS485 (DICNET) Interface, this is depending on the device version, it is not possible to switch over.


Manual for LOCON 24, LOCON 48, LOCON 64 and TERM 24 (PDF-file)