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Protocol Developer is a programming software for Deutschmann UNIGATE®-devices.


With Protocol Developer there is the possibilty to debug the programmed resp. created script. Therefore UNIGATE® has to be started in Data Exchange Mode and has to be connected via Debug-Interface or Application Interface (RS232) with the PC resp. Protocol Developer. Further detailed information is to be found under the link UNIGATE® interfaces.

Add language definition (XML-Datei)

The language range of the Deutschmann Script language is continually expanded. The Script-Revision [...] (number in square brackets after the version specification) indicates which level is supported by the device firmware and the Protocol Developer. The language definition is organized into XML files. New language definitions can be installed in the Protocol Developer as follows.

  1. Put the XML-file (z. B. ScriptRev*.xml) in the program folder.
  2. Via menue item "Options" --> "Settings" the window "Settings" opens.
  3. Here the menue item "ConfigFiles" has to be selected.
  4. In the following window, the desired configuration file can be selected or loaded via the "add" button and confirmed with the "OK" button.
  5. The following window (Restart required) has to be confirmed via the button "OK" and the Protocol Developer should be restarted.

Adapt existing script to another Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet system

Possible procedure:

  1. The existing script must be compared with the corresponding script template (template) of the Protocol Developer regarding the bus-specific parameters. These are marked in the script templates (Template) with „!!!“.
    • Via menu item „File“ -> „New“ -> „Source“ -> „Template“ can be called the corresponding script template.
  2. If the bus-specific parameters are identical, the script must not be adapted. However this applies only if at the initalization of the bus (:InitFieldbus;) further bus-specific, optional parameters have not been inserted. If this is the case, these optional parameters have to be compared with the appropriate script template (Example) from the Protocol Developer.
    • Via menu item „File“ -> „New“ -> „Source“ -> „Example“ -> „Include“ the appropriate script template can be called.