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TERM 5, TERM 5-H and TERM 5-T


The operating of TERM 5 is done by the 4-keys of the operating front.

Device replacement

TERM 5 can be replaced by TERM 6 or the configuration and programming software WINLOC 32. In order to ensure a proper and fast replacement, we need the following information and components:

  1. The serial no. or the article no. (Vxxxx) of the TERM 5 has to be known in order to offer a corresponding TERM 6.
  2. We have to know the serial-no. of the used cam control in order to check the compatibilty to the new TERM 6.
  3. If the used cam control is not compatible to the new and actual TERM 6, then this cam control has to be replaced, too.
  4. For read-out of the used cam control and its programming or, if needed for the configuration and programming of a new cam control with WINLOC32-Basic-or-comfort Version, a corresponding programming cable is needed.
  5. For the configuration and programming with WINLOC 32-Basic-or-comfort Version, the PC is in need of a COM-Port. If there is no real COM-Port at the PC, then a USB-to-RS232 converter has to be used.

For a corresponding offer please let us know the serial-no. or the articel-no. (Vxxxx) of the TERM 5 and the serial-no. of the used cam control.


Manual for TERM 5 (PDF-file)