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WINLOC 32 Basisversion
WINLOC 32 Komfortversion mit Symbolleiste und Online-Anzeige

WINLOC 32® offers a simple graphical user interface for configuration and programming of Deutschmann cam controls. There are 2 versions available:

  • Basic Version: free of charge
  • Comfort Version: license key required (chargeable)

Download of the basic version is for free.

System Requirement

Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit), Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Basic version

The basic version of WINLOC 32® offers all abilities required for the programming and configuration of Deutschmann cam controls. It also offers further setting possibilities and applicabilities as there are for example:

  • Logic: With the release code the logic function can be released. This release code is connected to the serial-no. and chargeable.
  • AWL-File: An AWL-file can be generated with the Data component generator.

Detailed information regarding the function of the WINLOC 32-basic-version can be found in the Manual for WINLOC 32.

Comfort Version

By simply entering a license number (chargeable) the basic version of WINLOC 32® turns into a comfort version, this version offers in addition to the standard functions of the basic version a simplified menu navigation and for example the following tools:

  • Toolbar: contains buttons that simplify the handling of the program
  • Extended print options: : Deviating from the standard presetting this tool allows an individual setting so that the printout complies with your requests.
  • Selecting devices at up/download: The availability of Pull-Down Menus simplifies the selection of devices, that exist in the net.
  • Data migration function: If you want to transfer data from one cam control to another, this is automatically carried out by this function.
  • Online-presentation: This function is very important for devices, that are supplied without a terminal. The settings of your cam control, such as position, speed, outputs are being visualized.
  • Teach-In: This function simplifies the initialization of your device, since the electronic zero-point can be set by simply pressing the Teach-In button. With it a manual setting is dropped.
  • Comparison function: The comparison of 2 cam controls is possible by opening two windows with the respective settings of your cam controls.

Detailed information regarding the function of the WINLOC 32-comfort-version can be found in the Manual for WINLOC 32.