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ROTARNOCK is a cam control integrated in the housing of an absolute encoder.


By factory setting all ROTARNOCK 100 Cam controls are configured as follows:

  • Virtual Encoder resolution: 4096
  • Idle time: Bitwise

This configuration set by default may be changed by using TERM 6 or the software WINLOC 32.


ROTARNOCK 100 can be programmed by TERM 6 or TERM 24 or the software WINLOC 32. In the PROFIBUS-Version the programming is done via PROFIBUS.

device versions


ROTARNOCK 100 features the serial RS232-interface or a RS485-(DICNET) Interface.

Interface protection class outputs Art.-No.
RS232 IP54 16 V3431
RS485 IP54 16 V3413
RS232 IP65 16 V3433
RS485 IP65 16 V3432

At devices with a RS485-(DICNET) interface the DICNET-addresses have to be set via the 9 pol. D-Sub plug (for IP54) resp. set via the rotary switch (for IP65). Only the DICNET-Addresses 0 ... 15 (decimal) are supported.
Note: At the first and the last device within DICNET has to be set the bus termination resistor. Therefore DICNET+ has to be connected with R+ and DICNET- has to be connected with R-. For the IP54-version this can be done directly in the 9 pol. D-Sub plug. For the IP65-version this has to be done in the mating plug to the 28 pol. round plug.


ROTARNOCK 100-PB (PROFIBUS) is always PROFIBUS-Slave and contains the serial RS232-interface and a PROFIBUS-interface

Interface-Fieldbus Interface-serial protection class outputs Art.-No.
PROFIBUS RS232 IP54 16 + (32 software outputs) V3406
PROFIBUS RS232 IP65 12 + (36 Software outputs) V3434

For ROTARNOCK-100 two modes are selectable through WINLOC32 via the PROFIBUS-Interface.

The PROFIBUS-Address (Slave-ID) is set by default to 126 (decimal). The GSD-file (R100.GSD) and a S7-example project are available for download on our homepage. Further Information regarding ROTARNOCK 100-PB may be found in the manuals "Cam Controls with Fieldbus-Connection" und "ROTARNOCK 100 with fieldbus-connection".

  • As replacement for ROTARNOCK 4-PB: ROTARNOCK 100-PB has the Ident No.: 3606h. If ROTARNOCK 100-PB should be used as replacement for ROTARNOCK 4-PB, the Ident-No. can be changed in WINLOC 32 with the key combination "Strg + N" into the Ident No.: 3231h. So there have to be done no changes in an existing project. Note: If the logic function is used for ROTARNOCK 4-PB, then this logic function has to be activated for ROTARNOCK 100-PB. Therefore is needed a chargeable release code. Attention:This release code is tied the serial-no. and can not be used for any other cam control.
  • As replacement for ROTARNOCK 1-PB and 2-PB: If ROTARNOCK 100-PB should be used as a replacement for ROTARNOCK 1-PB or as a replacement for ROTARNOCK 2-PB , the existing project has to be changed. All neccessary information maybe found under: Geräteaustausch ROTARNOCK 1-PB und ROTARNOCK 2-PB.


ROTARNOCK 100-PN (PROFINET) ist always PROFINET-Slave and features a serial RS232-interface and a PROFINET-interface.

Interface - Fieldbus Interface-serial Protection class Outputs Art.-No.
PROFINET RS232 IP65 12 + (32 software outputs) V3795

The GSDML-file (GSDML-V2.3-Deutschmann-ROTARNOCK 100-PN-20150317-160500.xml) and a S7-example project are available for download on our homepage.